Brief Chronology of Arnor and Angmar

(Dates are all relative to the Third Age)

-141 (3320 S.A.) The kingdom of Arnor is founded by the High King Elendil, in the south Gondor is founded by his sons Isildur and Anarion.
-1 (3441 S.A.) The High King is killed fighting Sauron in the Last Alliance, his son Anarion also is killed in the wars. The Last Alliance was led by Gil-Galad of the Elves, and Elendil of the men. But the alliance included dwarves from Khazad-dum.
2 T.A. Isildur, now the heir of both Gondor is slain travelling back north when ambushed by orcs in the Gladden fields, on the banks of the Anduin, just north of what later was the kingdom of Rohan.
3 Ohtar, the squire of Isildur brings the shards of Narsil across the Misty Mountains to Rivendell.
10 Valandil, now at the age of 21, becomes the third King of Arnor.
861 Death of King Eärendur, the tenth of Arnor. This results in a civil war between his three sons over inheriting the kingdom. Eventually this results in the division of Arnor into Arthedain, Rhudaur, and Cardolan. The eldest son of Eärendur, Amlaith of Fornost, becomes the first King of Arthedain.
1000 About this time the Istari first appear in Middle-earth.
1050 Arnorian records mentions Hobbits: Harfoots are the first hobbits to cross the Misty Mountains and settle in Arnor.
1150 Fallowhide Hobbits also cross over and settle in Arnor, followed by the Stoors in the next century.
1300 The chief of the Nazgul is sent north and founds the kingdom of Angmar, and becomes known as the Witch-King. Bree is becoming the largest and westernmost of the numerous hobbit villages across Cardolan (southern Arnor).
1409 The Witch-king of Angmar invades Arnor, destroys the Tower of Amon Sûl, occupies Rhudaur and ravages Cardolan. Death of King Arveleg I: Araphor becomes the ninth King of Arthedain.
1601 Marcho and Blanco (two fallowhide brothers), by permission of King Argeleb II in Fornost cross the Brandywine and colonise the Shire.
1636 The Great Plague which devasted Gondor and other land east of the Misty Mountains strikes Cardolan. The last Dunedain there are killed or flee to Arthedain. Fell spirits are sent by the Witch-King to inhabit the Barrow-downs, the former capital of Cardolan to prevent Arthedain reclaiming them. These spirits become known as the Barrow-Wights.
1944 Arvedui sends an envoy to Gondor to make a claim on the throne there. It is rejected and Eärnil, a noble related to the royalty, and victorious leader against the Easterlings, is elected king of Gondor instead.
1974 During the harsh winter the Witch-King strikes, beginning a devastating campaign against the remnants of the northern kingdom. Fornost falls and Arthedain, the last kingdom of Arnor, falls to the forces of the Witch-King after a siege and great battle.
1975 Angmar falls….
1980 The dwarves flee Moria when the Balrog is awoken.

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