Fortunes (Elves – battlehost)

Working document of the current suggest values for the core Fortunes listed in the Battlehost expansion, this page lists just the Elvish Fortunes along with brief notes regarding the pricing.

Name Old New Notes
Wisdom of the Firstborn 25 10 Passing focus tests at a crucial time is always useful. But doesn’t need to be expensive, especially for a one-off.
The Mirror of Galadriel 25 20 Another Priority-affecting Fortune, like the core Fortune: Wise Counsel, which is currently rated at 30 points. I have rated this at 20, as it is not *quite* as good as Wise Counsel.
Sacred Haven 25 10 Nice to make a key defensible terrain problematic. But relies on Courage Tests. A rather minor Fortune, but could be nice for only 10 points.
Spiderbane Weapons 25 30 Other banes are so expensive, yet this is so cheap? Putting at 30, until all bane Fortunes/Fates are rationalised
Galadhrim cloaks 50 30 Elven cloaks are nice to avoid those pesky missile attacks. That is worthwhile. Setting at 30 for now, but maybe 40 is closer.
Enchanted Stone 50 20 Nastily fun, but a little situational. Priced at 20, for its ability to help ‘control’ the battlefield from pesky ambushers.
The Standard of Lothlorien 75 20 This follows the same logic as the other core Army Banner Fortunes and Fates. It has an additional rule for Celeborn or Protectress Galadriel, I haven’t added any points on top to take that into account as you need to have a battlehost in the first place to access this Fortune.
Starglass 125 60 This is quite a good Fortune, especially for a list attuned to killing enemy heroes. But, no one will ever buy it for 125. So what is it worth? The forced Terror reroll is very thematic for elves, and this is a fairly desirable Fortune. So 50% off and set at 60 points.

(v.1.0 07/14)


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