Fortunes (Core)

Working document of the current suggest values for the core Fortunes listed in the WotR rulebook, along with brief notes regarding the pricing

Name Old New Notes
Forgotten Fortifications 25 20 Double the intensity of the fate Infestation, so 2x the price. +2 Def is a nice have.
Counterspell 25 30 Always popular, and better than a Might point (Will of Iron) as it automatically works.
Ancient Lore 25 10 Nullify One special rule… Nice but a situational one-off.
Wise Counsel 50 30 Originally rated same as Tainted Palantir Fate. The Fate is better, (5.4/2.6 evil/good) compared to this Fortune (3.5/4.5 Evil/Good) but
then this can give priority when exactly needed
The Blessing of Galadriel 50 40 Average of +2 Extra Might.
Song of Elbereth 50 20 Automatically pass a CT? not worth 50… and only before you roll?
Inner Glory 50 40 Can be devastating. Usually only applicable to Elves, with 5-7 Fight.
Desperate Heroics 50 50 I am surprised I don’t see this more often, instead of Counterspell, to be honest.
Banner of the Free Peoples 50 20 Same reasons as for Banner of Barad-Dur Fate above.
Mithril Coat 75 40 Increases the survivability of heroes… but should be more competitively priced
Hero of the Hour 75 30 +1 Fight and Courage. Again, outrageously overpriced. The Courage +1 is the biggest bonus here, as an Epic Hero with Inspiring Leader can
do wonders with their At the Double! checks. Try at 30, and maybe 40 if its very effective. But I think 30 is about right to start.
Galadhrim Longbows 75 20 Despite the name, this doesn’t enable short armed hobbits or dwarves to start wielding 7′ Elven Longbows. Its benefit is to increase shoot
value by 1… And in WotR that means +1 shot/company. You would be better off getting 1-2 Companies more for 75! So what is +1 shot/co
worth? about 5/co points I guess and for an average of 4 co… 20 points.
Fate Smiles Upon You 75 30 +1/-1 to a dice roll. Doesn’t this sound like a Might adjustment? Except of course it can a roll that isn’t normally subject to Might… so
taking the usual 25 for a ‘Might point’ and the fact it can affect any game roll the player might make (like Setup, priority, or even
formations with no heroes)
Trollbane Weapons 75 40 See the Dwarfbane Fate on the Fates page. Should also extend to: Gobin, Orc, Uruk-banes. *Possibly* Man bane
Steeds of Pure Blood 100 50 mmm effectively +4 Movement for Cavalry. I have tried to make it work 3 times now at 100 points. But is just too pricey especially in the
R2 cavalry we have gone back to. So what is +4 movement and the flanking potential really worth? Well a musician is 15. But 4×15 = 60
still feels a lot for a simple movement buff. Let’s try a half-price sale and see what it does. I expect to face Rohirrim now with this..
Orcbane weapons 100 40 Hmm… the other banes are 75 why did they price Orcbane at 100? Anyway, already discussed above.
Seat of Ancient Power* 100 10 +1 Fight… within 3″! See also the Dark Shrine Fate. Bargain basement sale of 10.
Indomitable Defence 150 30 Handy to stop being reamed by Heroic Fight. It has to be priced that
its worth considering and not just taking an extra eagle or 3 companies of grim warriors.
Athelas 150 40 This Fortune costs more than most Epic Heroes! And then he comes back with R1 and Might 0. Just stupidly priced, even to bring back ol’
Aragorn. Priced at 40, as bringing back your leader could save you VP or getting an even reduced hero in the right position could be well

* I think even for 10 it should be +1 Fight for friendlies, -1 Fight for Enemies

(v.1.0 07/14)


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