Fates (Core)

Working document of the current suggest values for the core Fates listed in the WotR rulebook, along with brief notes regarding the pricing

Name Old New Notes
Watcher in the Shadows 25 10 Situational. With Courage Tests at 11 has a minor boon, but range only 6
Infestation 25 10 Can deny and limit enemy occupation of terrain
Haunted Wasteland 25 10 Very situational, and a high chance of doing nothing, but could also be very nasty to cavalry..
Tokens of Terror 25 10 A useful feature but hardly one to cost a lot.
Curse of Morgoth 25 20 An ‘anti-Might’ point worth the 25 points a Might is usually rated at. Previously usually onlytaken often as other Fates were not very
Black hearted Trees 25 20 Positional woods) – but useful and likely to kill 3-6 models of almost any armour
Balefire Arrows 25 20 Minorly useful. addition: Even stalwart formations will be driven back
Tormented steeds 50 20 At 20 points that is 5 points per co, which seems right for average 4 Co/formation esp cavalry
Evil Reputation 50 30 Grants Terror and if a bonus if hero already caused Terror. Similar to Tokens above, but as Epics can move around maybe should be a little
There Will be no Dawn 50 30 Handy in the heat of battle. Possibly worth 40??
The Crown of Carn Dum 50 Experience and the Maths show this isn’t worthwhile, and worth an essay in itself. But in short A 3 Might Hero has a % chance of already
being dead by the time he has spent the 3 Might he already has without the crown! In the 58% alive chance he will likely have kept 1-2
Might. But basically the hero has a 50/50 chance of being dead after gaining/spending all and the 1 bonus Might. This is, of course
assuming a R3 hero. An R2 hero will be likely dead before he spends anything!
Sigil of Fallen Kings 50 20 Similar reasoning to Tormented steeds above, with addition that it has a downside.
Faltering Nerve 50 30 Similar reasoning to Curse of Morgoth above, but can be used more tactically on low Might heroes
Banner of Barad-Dur 50 20 So you need a banner, and then this on top. And then you can call Heroic Advance? That’s a lot of points to get probably 3 formations to
charge at once. I have never seen an Army Banner used right. It is a combination of price and position. I tried twice. Once the formations
were too far apart the other, just too expensive. This is an upgrade to an existing banner. Even with the new cheap banners it should not
cost much for the lovely Army Banner. Trying at 20. If it is too cheap we can increase it to 30.
Tainted Palantir 50 50 +1 to all Priority rolls? Must be worth 50.
Cursed Armour of Udun 75 30 +1 Defence? Well that would be worth +5 points per company. Adding a bit on top as its likely to be given to tougher formations. Assuming
about 4-5 Co/formation typically.
Greed for Glory 100 40 Forcing an enemy to charge you? Can be useful, but 100 points to use… once? No. Situational.
Dwarfbane 100 40 Why only Dwarfbane? should be expanded to Elfbane, Manbane and even Entbane (special axes anyone?). Bane gives a +1 to hit, like
2H-weapons. This is usually is costed at 5 points per company, and is more situational, similar pricing to Cursed Armour of Udun above.
Dark Shrine* 100 10 -1 Fight, and less range (3) than the similar Watcher in the Shadows? Outrageously overpriced!
Morgul Blades 125 50 Handy and a nice (nasty) surprise. At 125 still too expensive and, again, is a one-off effect.

* I think even for 10 it should be +1 Fight for friendlies, -1 Fight for Enemies

(v.1.0 07/14)


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