Faction – Elves Unit prices

Summary of changes
– General 20% reduction in price for all company points costs.
– Glorfindel, is currently Resilience 3, and reduced in price by 20%.
– Legendary Formations repriced in line with new upgrade costs, and rebalanced.
Common Old New Notes
Galadhrim Regiment 45 /co 35 /co May buy a Stormcaller for 75 points
Galadhrim Archers 50 /co 40 /co May buy a Stormcaller for 75 points
Wood Elf Warband 40 /co 30 /co longbows or glaives +5/company
High Elf Regiment 55 /co 45 /co
High Elf Archer Regiment 60 /co 50 /co
Rare Old New Notes
Mirkwood Sentinels 50 /co 40 /co
Galadhrim Knights 50 /co 40 /co May swap longbows for shields (free)
High Elf Cohort 60 /co 50 /co
Guards of the Galadhrim Court 70 /co 55 /co May buy a Stormcaller for 75 points
Legendary* Old New Notes
Rivendell Guard 125 + 65/co 80 + 50/co
Gildor’s Household 160 + 40/co 150 + 35/co**
Haldir’s Elves 95 + 50/co 90 + 40/co
Guardians of Caras Galadhon 125 + 70/co 90 + 50 /co May buy a Stormcaller for 75 points
Glorfindel 250 200 Changed to Resilience 3

* See bottom of the page for a more detailed description of how the new legendary formation costs were determined.

** As these are Wood Elves armed with longbows, the company price is 30 + 5 = 35.

Epic Heroes* Old New Notes
Galadriel, Lady of Lothlorien 175 175
Galadriel, Protectress of Lothlorien 200 200
Celeborn, Lord of Lothlorien 175 175
Thranduil, King of Mirkwood 125 125
Elrond, Master of Rivendell 215 215
Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood 200 200
Arwen Evenstar 175 175
Cirdan of the Havens 75 75
Gil-Galad, High King 300 300
Elladan 35 35
Elrohir 35 35
Haldir, Guardian of Lorien 75 75
* The costs of epic heroes has not changed, currently.

Legendary Formation Pricing
This seems to be slightly haphazard in the rulebook. But the core principle seems to be 25/Might point of the hero leading the formation, and then adding in the cost of any banners and hornblowers and sometimes 15 or so points for a ‘special’ rule. In reality Legendaries should be ‘something special’, not just the same price as a base unit of troops with a leader. There should be some efficiency and desire to take them.

So I have applied the following metric:

  • 20 points per Might point of any Heroes.
  • 10 points for any ‘special’ rules beyond those available in the standard troops of the same type.
  • 10 and 20 points for a Musician or Banner respectively, if included in the formation.
  • 60 points if a hero is a spellcaster, and 30 points for each extra level of Mastery.

Then at the end, to make sure the Legendary formation is a little more ‘desirable’ and ‘efficient’ I applied a 10% discount.

For the Elves this has meant a significant price reduction for the Guardians of Caras Galadhon and Rivendell Guard. But only a very minor adjustment for Haldir’s Elves and Gildor’s Household. Both these were that rare thing under the old system: Underpriced Legendaries. This was easily apparent with Gildor and his lads. But Haldir’s Legendary Formation effectively was a 3 Might Hero with both a Hornblower and a Banner as well as a special rule all for a mere 95 + 50/co. I guess they should have costed about 125 + 50/co.

Anyway, these changes should now make all four Elven Legendary Formations comparable and now worth seriously considering when constructing an Elven force.

v.1.2 07/14


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