Faction – Angmar unit prices

Summary of changes
– Removal of the werewolves infantry unit
– Addition of the more thematic werewolves: draugdaer, draugfaer and Spawn of Anfauglir. See army page for stats
– Addition of Gundabad Blackshields.
– Gulavhar and Buhrdur are now Resilience 3, Shade is now Resilience 2
– Legendary Formations repriced in line with new upgrade costs, and rebalanced.
Common Old New Notes
Ghostly Legion 60/co 40/co Spirit walk, Spirit grasp, Terror, We Stand alone
Ghostly Riders 60 /co 35 /co Spirit walk, Spirit grasp, Terror, We Stand alone
(Includes 5/co discount)
Spectral Host 80/co 45/co Spirit walk, Spirit grasp, Terror
Carn Dum Warband 30/co 25/co Beserk
Angmar Orc Warband 15/co 15/co Mob Rule, Shields +5/co
Rare Old New Notes
Gundabad Blackshields 20 20 Unchanged
Court of Fallen Kings 120 100 Spirit walk, Spirit grasp, Terror, We Stand Alone, Indomitable
Draugdaer 80/co* 60/co Indomitable. Terror. We Stand Alone.
New. See here for stats
Shade 100 50 Now Resilience 2
Draugfaer 90* 90 Now Resilience 3
New. See here for stats

* Cost using comparable Rulebook units.

Legendary* Old New Notes
Spawn of Anfauglir n/a 200 New. See here for stats
Buhrdûr 125 125 Changed to Resilience 3
Gûlavhar 200 200 Changed to Resilience 3

* See bottom of the page for a more detailed description of how the new legendary formation costs were determined.

Epic Heroes* Old New Notes
The Witch King of Angmar 200 150
The Tainted 125 125
The Dwimmerlaik 125 125
* The costs of epic heroes has not changed, currently, besides a slight temporary reduction in the cost of the Witch King.

Common/Rare pricing

  • Ghosts – Similar stats and abilities to High elves. Overall priced 5 less than the elves as they both have terror, and a good move rule (pathfinder vs spirit walk) and a similar combat ability (glaives vs Spirit Grasp) but the ghost’s We Stand Alone rule and the their -3 Fight relative to the elves makes them slightly weaker.
  • Ghostly Riders – Similar to ghosts above. (Note this now includes the -5 points/company for cavalry currently being playtested)
  • Spectral Host – Slightly weaker (F2 D4) than ghosts, but (oddly) not We Stand Alone. Their special Sap Strength rule is nice and overall slightly better than Ghosts, and equivalent to High Elves.
  • Carn Dûm Warband – Similar stats to Gundabad Backshields (see below) and comparable special rule, so similar price.
  • Court of Fallen Kings – Similar to Ghosts. Base 40 points. +5 points for +2 Def = 45. Double this as they are Resilience 2 = 90. Then +5 each for special rules: Indomitable, Paralysing touch = 100.
  • Draugdaer – Comparable to Ghostly Riders, and then increased by 50% to reflect the Resilience increase from 2 to 3
  • Shade – This one is problematic. It has no effective offensive capability (try and charge it at some infantry!), and it’s special Fight-debuffing ability is not worth 100 points. Currently priced relative to battering rams.
  • Gundabad Blackshields – As discussed elsewhere Mt Gundabad is an integral part of the realm of Angmar. Pricing currently unchanged, but I feel they should go up in a general repricing of all heavy infantry.

Legendary/Epic pricing
For Angmar the only Legendary formations currently are heroes, and so these and the Epic heroes have remained unchanged, besides the reduction in the price of the Witch King. Burhdûr and Gûlavhar have been increased to Resilience 3 but at the same price to improve their survivability.

v.1.2 05/15


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