Fortunes (Rohan- Battlehost)

In anticipation of our local mini-all-Rohan tournament, we have repriced the battlehost specific fortunes for Rohan. This is a working document of the current suggested values along with brief notes regarding the pricing.

Name Old New Notes
Lord of Horses 25 10 This need not be expensive. First of all it only works if you have (the outrageously overpriced) Gandalf the White. Then with his Courage of 6,and taking a Courage Test on 11 an At the Double! is 83% likely to succeed, though this drops to 72% within 6″ of the enemy. So this Fortune just guards against the 1 in 6 (or 1 in 4) times this might fail.
Headstrong Young Ones 25 10 The extra attacks are nice, but unstoppable charges for a formation are not common. Not common enough to be worth 25 points.
Defensive Stakes 25 (5) 20 Where to begin? The point of pikes is to nullify charge bonuses, which is what defensive terrain does already. And the secondary bonus of pikes to increase Fight by 1 is not worth 25 points. As written the Fortune is worth 5 points. However, the idea is nice and should be changed to:

“Persistent Effect. Before deployment nominate one infantry formation to be armed with stakes. The formation then counts as being armed with pikes in addition to their normal equipment. The formation does not count as being armed with pikes if it performs a successful charge, or has performed an At the Double!, Heroic Move or similar extended move action.”

That is worth 20 points, feel free to test and abuse. For example this was a common feature in the middle ages to have archers shooting from behind stakes driven into the ground.

Bring it Down! 25 10 Rerolling 1’s against monsters. Nifty, but not amazing.
The Strength of the Mearas 50 20 Plus one strength is not to be sneered at, and worth about 5 points/company. (Based on typical 4 company formations).
Legendary Throw 50 30 An instant monster hit! No, not a pop sensation, but a handy ability, especially with our Resilience 3 H2K/VH2K monsters that now often roam the battleboard.
An End Worthy of Song 50 40  A nice buff. This is tricky to price. It is likely to be used early on when there are more than 1 hero in range to benefit from the extra Might. If we rate Might at 20 points per Might point, then on average this might benefit 2 heroes… so setting at 40 for now.
Now for Wrath, Now for Ruin! 75 40  Auto unstoppable charge. Nice. Not worth 75 nice though. For a nominal 4 company formation, it adds 4-12 attacks (average 6). That’s worth almost a company of cavalry: 20 points. On top it ensures a charge success, at maximum range. Used correctly that can be devastating. that must be worth 20 points too. 20+ 20  = 40.
Horns of the Rohirrim 125 50  Terror is nice. But not as nice as the consistently high price placed on it in the WotR rules and unit costs. This also needs a hornblower in each formation to gain the Terror. A cost of 50 seems fairer as you have to build your army around the feat somewhat.

(v.1.0 05/15)


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