Fates (Angmar- Battlehost)

In anticipation of our local mini-all-Rohan tournament, we have repriced the battlehost specific fortunes for Rohan. This is a working document of the current suggested values along with brief notes regarding the pricing.

Name Old New Notes
Haunted Stronghold 25 10 A -1 penalty to courage is not amazing in itself, but is useful to Spirit Grasp enabled units targetting a bunkered enemy. A nice denial/debuff, but not worth more than 10.
Cry of Terror 25 20 This is a nice offensive Fate, and more effective against cavalry. Possibly should be 30 points.
The Dead Shall Rise 25 20 A useful Fate, especially with more expensive Spirit units. Another that could be 20 or 30.
Corpse Candles 25 20 Useful distraction but has to be used at the start of the Move phase before any spells to sap courage can be cast.
No Man May Kill Me 50 40 50/50 to discount hits on a Nazgul – cannot be bad.
Barrow Blades 50 40 A useful ability for a non spirit formation, this is worth more than 5/Co as it bypasses defence (Spirit Grasp). Assume 10/co for typical 4 co formation.
Banner of Angmar 75 30 This is basically a combination of the Army banner Fate/Fortune and the Tokens of Terror Fate. these were originally 50 + 25 = 75. And so now is 20 + 10 = 30. Remember it upgrades an existing banner.

(v.1.0 05/15)


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