Faction – Rohan Unit Prices

Summary of changes
– 1 – Updated the base prices for Legendary formations
– 2 – Note currently all cavalry formations are priced 5 points cheaper than in the WotR rules book. These are listed below.
Common Old New Notes
Riders Éored 30/ co 25 /co (5 points cheaper cavalry)
Royal Knights 35 /co 30 /co (5 points cheaper cavalry)
Oathsworn Militia 20 /co 20 /co
Oathsworn Bowmen 20 /co 20 /co
Outrider Éored 35 /co 30 /co (5 points cheaper cavalry)
Rohan Royal Guard 35 /co 35 /co
Rare Old New Notes
The Sons of Eorl 45 /co 40 /co (5 points cheaper cavalry)
Legendary* Old New Notes
The King’s Guard (Infantry) 100 + 35/co 65 + 35/co Gamling: Royal Standard + 40**
Hornblower + 10 points
The King’s Guard (Cavalry) 100 + 35/co 65 + 30/co Gamling: Royal Standard + 40**
Hornblower + 10 points
Erkenbrand’s Riders 115 + 40/co 80 + 30/co*** Hornblower + 10 points
Théodred’s Knights 135 + 45/co 75 + 40 /co Hornblower + 10 points
Grimbold’s Helmingas 85 + 30/co 55 + 30/co Hornblower + 10 points
Elfhelm’s Riders 90 + 40/co 65 + 35/co Hornblower + 10 points

* See bottom of the page for a more detailed description of how the new legendary formation costs were determined.
** Royal Standard has its own special rule and also counts as a banner. (Banner = 20 points, special rule = 20 points, total: 40 points)
*** Erkenbrand’s Riders are a standard Éored statline with +1 strength. So are priced as a standard Éored + 5/co.

Epic Heroes* Old New Notes
Théoden, King of Rohan 125 125
Meriadoc, Esquire of Rohan 75 75
Éomer, Marshal of the Riddermark 90 90
Éowyn, Shield-maiden of Rohan 75 75
Eorl the Young 135 135
Erkenbrand, Captain of the Westfold 75 75
Théodred, prince of Rohan 125 125
Déorwine, Captain of the Royal Guard 50 50

* The costs of epic heroes has not changed, currently.

Legendary Formation Pricing
This is discussed in greater detail in the Elves’ pricing. But to summarise the new costs are:

  • 20 points per Might point of any Heroes.
  • 10 points for any ‘special’ rules beyond those available in the standard troops of the same type.
  • 10 and 20 points for a Musician or Banner respectively, if included in the formation.
  • 60 points if a hero is a spellcaster, and 30 points for each extra level of Mastery.
  • 10% taken off the total of the above to make sure the Legendary formation is a little more ‘desirable’ and ‘efficient’.

For the Rohirrim this has meant a significant price reduction for all the legendary formations. In addition some of the company prices have changed, the cavalry benefits from the -5/co. However Erkenbrand’s Riders seemed very expensive for a standard éored with +1 Strength, and so were repriced accordingly. The Royal standard’s Might restoration and Theodred’s similar one I priced at 20, not the standard 10 used for legendary formation special rules, as it is likely to replenish at least 1 Might point.

v.1.0 05/15


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