The expansion book for WotR was a lovely idea, however, like the main book, it felt a bit rushed and ‘first edition’ with a  number of odd selections and points costs. On the premise (like the rest of this project) that the core ideas are sound and it is mainly the costings that cause the most problems and reasons the battlehosts are not often taken, we offer the following price amendments.

Note: Some battlehosts have two variants depending on leader or composition. The price of a battlehost is essentially the additional rules it provides, and sometimes the ability to include rare formations and not break the Decree of Rarity rule. So where a variant means one variant has more, or less rules, the variants are priced accordingly.


Name Old New Notes
Théoden’s Guard (Infantry) 75 20 The only rule the infantry variant has is the rule regarding no penalties to Courage. This is a useful rule, particularly against Nazgul laden foes. (20 points)
Théoden’s Guard (Cavalry) 75 50 Additionally has The 50/50 Earthshaking charge rule, is also very good, and can save some Might points instead of relying on Heroic fight.(30 points)
Warriors of the Westfold 50 20 This is trickier. The Grim Determination rule, is nothing special maybe worth 10 points, as Onset of Dismay is not a common result. The Bitter Hatred Rule is very useful, but only against Isengard, it is as if the entire Battlehost has poisoned weapons (and worth 40 points for sure), against everybody else you are left just with the Grim Determination rule, so overall value 20 points, and almost an auto-include bargain if you know you are facing the Forces of the White Hand (and Rohan needs the help against Isengard a faction with many anti-Rohan units and spells).
This battlehost is not particularly good, except if facing Isengard, and Grimbold’s Helmingas, who must be taken, even repriced are not a particularly enthralling choice for the Rohan general.
Riders of the Westfold 75 40 Rerolling failed Terror: worth 20 points.

Strike as Monsters: worth 20 points.

Two nice rules that increase ability to strike at harder targets.
Éomer’s Knights 25 20 An example of the incongrouity of the pricing. This has similar (but better) rules than Warriors of the Westfold above, but was originally costed at 1/2 the price!

Run them through: worth 10 points.

Light of Battle: Situational, but devastating in right combination, but needs Gandalf the White, worth 10 points.


Name Old New Notes
Thranduil’s Host 75 60 Some nice compatible rules combine to make a useful elven battlehost.

Woodland Stalkers: Ambushing elves? On a typical board with 1-2 woods this would average out as worth about 20 points.

Tree Folk: Wood elves definitely need a bonus to defence. 20 points.

Thranduil’s Nobles: Elves don’t tend to fail Courage Tests often, but this helps seal the deal. 20 points.
Lothlorien Warhost 75 60 More Than Songs and Arrows Protect Us: +1 Will of Iron? Nice. 20 points

The King and Queen of Lothlorien: Making charging elves even scarier. 40 points
Rivendell Guardians 50 30 Tangado Haid!: Rerolling 1’s on multiple formations, worth 20, and denying charge bonuses 10, but only against orcs, this limits the value of this rule, and like similar ones in other battlehosts if you know you face orcs its a great bonus, but otherwise useless, so price reduces to 15 points. (Worth more than the similar rule for Rohan’s Warriors of the Westfold)

The Wisdom of Rivendell: Winning drawn priority rolls, typically would happen just over once a game. Hard to assess how much this should cost as it could be invaluable at the right moment. Or irrelevant. One can’t coose though, so 15 points.
Haldir’s Archers 50 30 An Alliance of Elves and Men: Inspiring Leader for Epics is usually rated at about 10 points, so this should be similar. Thematically it makes sense if you ally this battlehost with Rohan who have little in Inspiring Leaders, but that’s unlikely in most points matches or pickup games.

Shoot Where their Armour is Weakest: Reroll failed shots, but only against Uruk-Hai. Another situational rule, very valuable if facing Isengard, useless otherwise, but it is better than rerolling 1’s as the Tangado Haid! rule for the Rivendell Guardians above. 20 points.


Name Old New Notes
The Hordes of Angmar 75 40 A sturdy, if standard, troop selection, and two nice buff rules, but not worth 75 points.

Rule Through Fear: Stalwart and reroll courage is useful for a faction with little Inspiring Leader laden heroes. (20 points)

Do Not Fail Me!: +1 to panic tests, increases the likelihood of steadfast results and prevents Onset of Dismay, worth 20.
Spirit Legions of Angmar (All versions) Change Battlehost as follows: remove 0-1 Werewolves. Then add 0-2 Draugdaer, and 0-2 Draugfaer.
A thematic battlehost with nice synergistic rules, which comes in 3 variants with either The Dwimmerlaik, The Tainted or Both…
Spirit Legions of Angmar (Dwimmerlaik) 75 40 Ethereal Form: Useful defence buff (30 points)

An Army of Ghosts: makes Shades actually worthwhile (10 points)
Spirit Legions of Angmar (Tainted) 75 40 Chill Touch: Useful buff as well (30 points)

An Army of Ghosts: makes Shades actually worthwhile (10 points)
Spirit Legions of Angmar (Both Nazgul) 75 70 Ethereal Form: Useful defence buff (30 points)

Chill Touch: Useful buff as well (30 points)

An Army of Ghosts: makes Shades actually worthwhile (10 points)
Buhrdûr’s warband 75 50 Change: Add 0-2 Gundabad Blackshields (3+ companies) to the Battlehost roster.
A different style list, and a tougher proposition now with Resilience 3 trolls popping up all over the battelefield.

Pack leader: Like Inspiring leader, which is lacking for Angmar, nice buff (20 points)

It’s a Trap! Prowlers, Ambusher, and reroll reinforcement arrival. (30 points)

(v.1.0 05/15)


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