At a Glance

Below is a summary list of the rules/amendments currently in effect or being tested. This is just a brief précis for fuller details see the Rules page for rules suggestions and analysis, the Army page for points costs and changes.

New rules being tested, and not in the current codex:

  • Very Hard to Kill and Hard to Kill Monsters are Resilience 3
  • Cavalry are back to Resilience 2
  • All cavalry (any unit defined as cavalry in its stat bloc) has its base company price lowered by 5
  • Shamans, stormcallers , banners , taskmasters etc have new lower point values
  • Fates and Fortunes have been tentatively repriced.

Existing Rules reminder:

  • Double bubble – Can’t benefit twice from same bonus.


(more to come when i dig out the latest codex)


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