Part of the development of a second edition for WotR is to provide stat blocs for:

  • Models released subsequent to the publishing of the rules system, for example those based on The Hobbit Trilogy.
  • Units that are canonical to Middle Earth, but do not have any released official models.
  • Logical extensions of existing models, for example Mountain Trolls, or Numenorean mounted cavalry.
  • Units to expand and round out existing or new factions, for example having a whole Arnor faction.
  • Changes to existing models’ listed stats and abilities, for example adding a thrown weapon option for Hobbits (‘Stoop for a Stone’).

This section is primarily about amending or adding to existing range of troop choices and their stats. Points are listed, but fuller points costings and adjustments are detailed on the Points page.

Please select a faction to view the profiles:

  1. Angmar
  2. Gondor (and Numenor)
  3. Arnor



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